The visual account of the film 'Earth' made by Aleksander Dovzhenko as written by two of the assistants who worked on the original film. It contains a short description of the impact of the film on Soviet cinematography. The majority of the book is a frame-by-frame account of the film, accompanied by a novelised form of the screenplay written by Dovzhenko, which encompasses more of the story than the film itself. The book was dedicated to Bill Douglas by the author Julia Solntseva 'with best wishes' on 21/11/1976. Parts 2-5 comprise an accompanying letter from Julia Solntseva to Bill Douglas recalling their meeting at a film reception in Bombay, where he expressed his admiration for Dovzhenko's work, and her subsequent decision to send him two books on the subject for him to peruse.

Item number 14403
Category Book
Type Films
Dimensions height 290mm; width 220mm; thickness 15mm
Language Russian
Country of origin Russia
Related people Julia Solntseva (author)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection