CONTENTS: - Cannes 1953: 'El'; 'La Salaire de la Peur'; 'The Heart of the Matter'; 'Crin Blanc'; 'J'ai tué trois tigres'; 'Water Birds'; 'La Vie de Clemenceau', et al. - 'The Man Between' - U.P.A. and 'Peter Pan' - 'Madame de..' (photos) - Aldous Huxley on silent cinema and 'the talkies'. - Notes on Robert Bresson - Eisenstein's images and Mexican Art - An historic film: 'Memoirs of a Mexican' ('Memorias de un Mexicano') - Paul Rotha and Basil Wright on shooting their documentary film on social and economic reform in Mexico and Thailand, commissioned by UNESCO. - Filming 'Julius Caesar' - children in film: Buñuel's 'Los Olvidados', Clement's 'Jeux Interdits', Vigo's 'Zero de Conduite'. - Coronatiana U.S.A: films on English queens/Kings ('Young Bess'; 'The Sword and the Rose'; 'Elizabeth and Essex'; 'Henry VIII's') FILM REVIEWS: - Genevieve - 3D Films: House of Wax; Man in the Dark; Bwana Devil. - Man on a tightrope - Gilbert and Sullivan - Les Belles-de-nuit - The Medium - The Village - I confess BOOK REVIEWS: - Scandinavian Film, by Forsyth Hardy - L'Ecran Demoniaque, by Lotte H. Eisner - Sept ans de cinema francais, by Henri Agel, Jean-Pierre Barrot et al. - Histoire Du Cinema, by René Jeanne and Charles Ford. Vol 2: The silent cinema 1895 - 1929. - Marcel Carne, by Jean Queval - René Clair et les Belles-de-Nuit, by Georges Charensol. - From Under My Hat, by Hedda Hopper. COVER: Fred Astaire, Ninette Fabray, Jack Buchanan, in a number from Vincente Minnelli's new musical, 'The Band Wagon'.

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