Antonioni and Visconti: images from the making of La Notte and Rocco and his brothers Cynthia Grenier, 'East-West Meeting Ground', about the Eastern European cinema The Festivals: Venice, Edinburgh and Berlin Articles include: Penelope Houston, 'The Critical Question', an account on the film criticism Richard Roud, 'The French Line' with references to Hitchcock's Vertigo, Jean Telling, 'A New Game', about the French New Wave Albert Johnson, 'Studs Lonigan and Elmer Gantry' John Gillett, 'South of the Border' Boleslaw Michalek, 'The Polish Drama' Derek Gill, 'Commercial Values', about the TV commercials Boleslaw Michalek, 'The Polish Drama' Film reviews: Derek Prouse, 'Shadows' Eric Rhode, 'Pickpocket' Penelope Houston, 'The Entertainer' Peter John Dyer, 'Psycho and The Apartment' Robert Vas, 'Roses for the Prosecutor' Richard Roud, 'The Criminal' Kenneth Cavander, 'Private Property' Penelope Houston, 'Let's Make Love' Philip Riley, 'Bullfight' Michelangelo Antonioni, 'La Notte' Book Reviews: Thorold Dickinson, 'Kino, a history of the Russian and Soviet film' David Robinson, 'Cecil B. DeMille: autobiography' William Whitebait, 'A Picture History of the Cinema' Cover shows Marilyn Monroe in Let's Make love

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Related people Penelope Houston (editor)
Michelangelo Antonioni (film director)
Luchino Visconti (film director)
Alfred Hitchcock (film director)

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