Contents: Satyajit Ray: From Film to Film by Satyajit Ray, Blake Edwards: Interview by Jean-Francois Hauduroy, The Great Race by Serge Daney, Roman Polanski: Interview by Michael Delahaye and Jean-Andre Fieschi, S.M. Eisenstein: Organic Unity and Pathos in the Composition of Potemkin by S.M. Eisenstein, Henri Colpi: Debasement Of the Art of Montage by Henri Colpi, Jean-Luc Godard: Montage, Mom Beau Souci, Cinema and Politics: Age of Gold (Bunuel), Age of Iron (Rossellini) by Michael Mardore, Cahiers Critiques: Godard: A Married Woman by Michel Thevoz, Gerard Guegan, Godard: Alphaville by Jean-Louis Comolli, Jean-Andre Fieschi, Losey: King and County by Jean Inobran, Pasolini: The Gospel According to Matthew by Michel Delahaye, Odds and Ends: Council of Ten, Jotting From Other Publications by Jacques Bontemops, Notes On French Film Societies by Jean Collet, Small Talk, Ten Best Lists, Paris Openings, New York Openings, Editor's Eyrie by Andrew Sarris

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Category Periodical
Type Criticism/History
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Language English
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Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection