Contents: Carl Dreyer: Interview by Michel Delahaye, Luis Bunuel: The Angel and the Beast by Jean-Andre Fieschi, Jerry Lewis: Interview by Axel Madsen, The Family jewels by Serge Daney and Sylvain Godet, Andre Techine and Claude-Jean Philippe, New Canadian Cinema: Ten Questions to Five Canadian Film Makers, Responses by Michel Brault, Gilles Groulx, Claude Jutra, Arthur Lamothe and Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, The Expression of Quebecois Man by Gilles Groulx, Adieu Philippines by Arthur Lamothe, The Fuse and the Bomb by Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Love with Hopes by Patrick Straram, Cahiers Critiques: Polanski: Repulsion by Michel Delahaye, Jewison: The Cincinnati Kid by Jean-Andre Fieschi, Polanski: Quand Les Anges Tombent by Jacques Bontemps, Odds and Ends: Council Of Ten, Small Talk by Axel Madsen, Paris Openings, New York Openings, Editor's Eyrie by Andrew Sarris

Item number 25045
Category Periodical
Type Criticism/History
Dimensions height 277mm, width 215mm
Language English
Country of origin USA
Related people Andrew Sarris (editor)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection