Content: Orson Welles and Jack Falstaff, Welles on Falstaff interview by Juan Cobos and Miguel Rubio, Welles in Power by Serge Daney, The Other Side by Pierre Duboef, Jack le Fataliste by Jean-Louis Comolli, Sacher and Mosoch by Jean Narboni, Ingmar Bergman: The Serpent's Skin by Ingmar Bergman, The Phantom of Personality by Jean-Louis Comolli, Alain Jessua: Meeting with Alain Jessua by Michel Delahaye, Sadoul-Flaherty: A Flaherty Mystery by George Sadoul, Cahiers Critiques: Bresson: Balthazar by Rene Gilson, Lewis: Three on a Couch by Jean-Louis Comolli, Groulx: Cat in the Sack by Jacques Levy, Goldman: Echoes of Silence by Jean-Claude Biette, Odds and Ends: Council of Ten, Luis Bunuel's 'Belle de Jour', Editor's Eyrie by Andrew Sarris

Item number 25052
Category Periodical
Type Criticism/History
Dimensions height 277mm, width 215mm
Language English
Country of origin USA
Related people Andrew Sarris (editor)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection