Contents: Francois Truffaut: The Journal of 'Fahrenheit 451': Part Two, Allio-Bourseiller-Godard Delahaye: Two Arts in One, Pier Paolo Pasolini at Pesaro: The Cinema of Poetry, Robert Bresson: Testament of Balthazar by Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Jean-Luc Godard, Cahiers Critiques: Bourseiller: Marie Soleil by Jacques Bontemps, Zetterling: Loving Couples by Michel Delahaye, Pollet: Une balle au coeur by Jean-Louise Comolli, Kaufman and Manaster: Goldstein by Andre Techine, Donner: The Caretaker by Michel Delahaye, Malle and Enrico: Viva Maria! And Les Grandes Gueules by J.-L. Comolli, Film Notes and Odds and Ends: Council of Ten, Corrected Council of Ten, The Fourth New York Film Festival by Roger Greenspun, The 1966 Montreal Film Festival by Joan Fox, 'New Cinema' at Pezenas by Louis Marcorelles, Festival of Free Film by J. E., Meeting with Mai Zetterling, Paris Openings, New York Openings, Editor's Eyrie by Andrew Sarris,

Item number 25058
Category Periodical
Type Criticism/History
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Language English
Country of origin USA
Related people Andrew Sarris (editor)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection