Articles: David Robinson, 'Williams, the Lords and the Press' John Gillett, 'Kurosawa's Amy' Walter Lassally, 'The Cameraman's Path Jonathan Rosenbaum, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Cult' James Monaco, 'Aaaiieeeaarrggh! Horror movies David Thomson, 'TV Weather' Jim Hillier and Tom Milne, 'Out of the Past: an interview with Eduardo de Gregorio' William F. Van Wert, 'Infertile' Julian Poole, 'Independent Frame' John Pym, 'Ungratified Desire: Nicolas Roeg's Bad Timing' John Izod, 'Walkabout: a Wasted Journey?' Richard Combs, 'Less In More: Don Siegel from the Block to the Rock' Features: George Hoellering, 1898-1980 Film Reviews: Philip Strick, 'Mirror' Richard combs, 'Cuba' and The Human Factor' Tim Pulleine, 'Messedor' David Wilson, 'Black Jack' John Pym ,'10' Book Reviews: Julian Jebb, 'The Films in My Life' Tom Milne, 'Le Livre de Losey' Allan T, Sutherland, 'Keaton: the man who wouldn't lie down' Tim Pulleine, 'Journey Down Sunset Boulevard'

Item number 26277
Category Periodical
Type Criticism/History
Dimensions height 297mm, width 210mm
Language English
Country of origin UK
Related people Penelope Houston (editor)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection