Contents: Tony Rayns: 'Forms of Address: interviews with three German film-makers' (Fassbinder, Wenders and Syberberg) Herbert Marshall: 'The case of Sergo Paradjanov' Carlos Clemens: 'Chance Meetings: "Le Fantome de la Liberte"' Tom Milne: 'Renoir's Little Theatre' Paul Thomas: 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Bazin and Truffaut on Renoir' Gideon Bachmann: 'Utopia Visited: Bertolucci's 1900' James Monaco: 'Notes on 'The Big Sleep,' thirty years after' Andrew Meyer: 'Days of the Waivers' Manny Farber: 'Raoul Walsh: "He used to be a big shot"' David Wilson: 'News from Nowhere' Philip Purser: 'Approximately Themselves?' Robert C. Allen: 'Traffic in Souls' A feature on the London Festival 1974 and film reviews of Badlands; The Parallax View; La Maman et la Putain; California Split; Aguirre, Wrath of God; Scenes from a Marriage; Akenfield and The Struggle. Book reviews of: Talking Pictures by Richard Corliss; Theory of Film Practice by Noel Burch; My Life in Pictures by Charles Chaplin; Six European Directors (Eisenstein, Renoir, Bunuel, Bergman, Fellini and Godard) by Peter Harcourt.

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