Articles: Decisions, Decisions: a discussion between Roger Graef and his production team Tony Rayns, 'Director: King Hu' Jonathan Rosebaum, 'Edinburgh Encounters: four recent avant-garde films' James Monaco, 'U.S. Television: the great spin-off' Mark Shivas, 'The Glittering Prizes' Carlos Clarens, 'India Song and Marguerite Duras' Garrett Stewart, 'Exhumed Identity: Antonioni's Passenger to Nowhere' Edgardo Cozarinsky, 'Borges on and in Film' Renee Epstein, 'An Interview with Haskell Wexler' Gideon Bachmann, 'Pasolini and the Marquis de Sade' Features: Eric Rohmer's La Marquise d'O Film Reviews: Tom Milne, 'Innocents with Dirty Hands' and 'Farewell, My Lovely' James Monaco, 'Jaws' James Monaca, 'Dog Day Afternoon' Geoff Brown, 'Hester Street' David Wilson, 'The Travelling Players' Richard Combs, 'A Woman Under the Influence' Elizabeth Sussex, 'Requiem for a Village' Book Reviews: Tom Milne, 'Kuleshov on Film' Geoff Brown, 'By a Stroke of Luck' David L. Overbey, 'Hollywood Babylon'

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