Selection of essays, previously published in the British film journal 'Framework' in the 1970s and 1980s, edited by Paul Willemen and Jim Pines. The essays focus on film criticism and film studies and there is an introduction by Paul Willemen, the journal's principal editor in the 1980s. Contents: "Introduction" by Paul Willemen. Part One: Towards an Archaeology of Film Theory: "The Birth of the Sixth Art (1911)" by Ricciotto Canudo, "Thoughts on an Aesthetic for the Cinema" by Georg Lukacs, "1913 - 1927 Film and Theatre" by Vladimir Mayakovsky, "Integral Cinematographie" by Germaine Dulac, "The Film Gone Male (1932) by Dorothy Richardson. Part Two: Realisms: "Photographing the Poor and the Working Class" by Derrick Price, "'Accattone' Today" by Pier Paolo Pasolini, "On Rossellini" by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, "Thoughts at the End of a Career: 'Summing Up' / 'On Marx: Ideas Towards a Film About Marx'" by Roberto Rossellini, "On Rossellini" by Jean Rouch, "Five Faces of Vertov" by Jean Rouch, "Constructions of Reality" by Don Macpherson. Part Three: Hollywood: "'Jaws', Ideology and Film Theory" by Stephen Heath, "'Star Wars': Some Notes" by Manchester SEFT Film Discussion Group, "'Grease': The Wobbly Hot Dog of the Seventies" by Manchester SEFT Film Discussion Group, "Hybrid Plots in 'Psycho'" by Peter Wollen, "It's Only a Film / 'La face du neant'" by Pascal Bonitzer, "The Cinema Academy" by Olivier Assayas, "'Raiders of the Lost Ark'" by Steve Neale, "Mersault goes West: 'Five Easy Pieces' and Art Cinema" by Noel King, "Looking at the Male: Anthony Mann" by Paul Willemen. Part Four: Television: "A guide to the Neo-Television of the 1980s" by Umberto Eco, "The Classic TV Detective Genre" by Mike Westlake, "'Scotland's Story'" by Colin McArthur, "An Assessment of Television" by Jean-Francois Lyotard. Part Five: Independent Production: "'Daughter Rite'" by Jon Jost, "'So That You Can Live': Popular Memory" by Claire Johnston, "Notes on 'Rocinante'" by Paul Willemen, "The Politics of Silence: 'Anne Devlin', Women and Irish Cinema" by Luke Gibbons, "Striptease East & West: Sexual Representation in Documentary Film" by Liz Kotz, "Feminism, Film and the Avant Garde" by Laura Mulvey, "'Passion' 1" by Peter Wollen, "'Passion' 2" by Rod Stoneman, "'Passion' 3" by Paul Willemen, "The Avant Gardes: Europe and America" by Peter Wollen, "Indigestion: The Practice of Reviewing" by Meaghan Morris. At the back, there is a complete contents backlist for 'Framework' from Number 1, 1974 to Number 38/39, 1992.

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