Described as providing a guide on 'all subjects connected with general information, bussiness or amusement, to which are subjioned, a description of the environs, and a plan for viewing London in eight days.' Gives a history of London and of the parliamentary and legal systems, local and national government; description of trade; public buildings (including the Houses of Parliament before they were rebuilt); bridges; schools; hospitals; institutions and societies; museums, exhibitions and galleries; phrenological casts; the diorama in Regent's Park; panoramas; the Colosseum; microcosm; cosmorama; the Apollonicon mechanical musical instrument; shopping; publishing; theatres; balls, concerts and masquerades; sporting events; clubs and hotels; transport. There is a list of public baths, and banks. A fold-out map shows the location of all the sights, and another shows the environs of London, which are also described.

Item number 42695
Category Book
Type London
Dimensions length 146mm; breadth 94mm; thickness 43mm
Language English
Country of origin UK

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection