This is a magazine for cinema owners, focusing on the business aspect of the film industry. The front page features an article titled "Attack better than defence reiterates CEA's President", discussing Peter King's advice that the industry should be thinking in terms of attack rather than defence in order to continue and thrive alongside TV. On page 1 there is also an article titled "Pay-TV won't start until September". There is a full-page advert for "The Train", starring Burt Lancaster, on page 3. On page 4, there are film reviews of "Flight from Ashiya", "Psyche '59", and "Indian Killer". On page 5, there is a full-page advert for "Roustabout", starring Elvis Presley. The advert features shots from the film alongside the taglines "Elvis Presley as the Restless, Reckless, Roving Roustabout" and "Swinging hit songs, swinging hot deals, swinging hard fists, Elvis shakes up the show as he shapes up as the "Roustabout.""

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