Catalogue No. 48 from Baltimore dealer Royal Books, containing their usual lavishly-presented selection of sale items including a photograph of Marilyn Monroe (front cover illustration), an archive of working papers from the creator of The SImpsons, Matt Groening, a collection of material relating to the making of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (Spielberg, 1977) original screenplays, first editions and signed copies, film stills, a selection of books of African-American interest along with Latin American literature, a book of contact sheets from 'New York, New York' (Scorsese, 1977) containing over a thousand images, plus an archive of photographer Andy Romanoff showing director Nicholas Ray at work in 1973.

Item number 66370
Category Catalogue
Type Collecting
Language English
Country of origin America

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection