Box covered in printed paper with faded image on top. Lantern is not particularly ornate but has some patterned gold covering and the mark of E.P. Circular slides feature eight images each, mostly depicting fairy tales. Most of the slides features a German, French and English title. Slide 1 depicts 'Geology': evolution from the beginning of time to Adam and Eve. Slide 2: Red Riding Hood. Slide 3: Puss in Boots. Slide 4: Robinson Crusoe. Slide 5 shows 'Human Races': eight faces from different races. Slide 6 shows 'Portraits' possibly of historical figures. Two rectangular slides feature two images each: the first shows a flower pot and cherub, the second shows a man with a scroll reading 'Gute Nacht'.

Item number 69800
Category Magic Lantern
Type Magic Lantern
Dimensions Box: 33x17x20.5cm. Slides: 15cm in diameter.
Language German
Country of origin Germany