Magic lantern named "Triumph", unknown maker, sticker on side of lantern claims its date of manufacture to be 3rd Dec 1881, 7inch frame. Adjustable lense distances. Electricity powered with electric wire and plug leading to light bulb. Made predominently out of dark wood, assumed mahogany. Lantern has a small door on the right hand side which opens and has a circular blue-glass peep-hole embedded within it. Interior is metal lined. The numbers Rd No 424626 is embossed repeatedly on brass throughout. Two large screws on the bottom front platform. Has several removable parts, #1 is an "Eclipse" R. R. Beard slide holder, #2 a curved mirror to reflect the light of #3, a lightbulb held by #4, an iron stand holding #2-4 together in order to be placed inside the lantern itself. The box in which the lantern came is in has a few scratches and white paint marks but otherwise in good condition. #5 and #6 are lantern top lids made out of a dark metal. Fabric back-screen canvas also provided.

Item number 91604
Category Magic Lantern
Type Magic Lantern
Language English
Country of origin UK