Small cardboard box by Kiri, designed to become a game when pieces of the box are cut and intertwined. The front of the box depicts a drawn caricature of Charlie Chaplin as the Little Tramp character, with eyes and mouth holes to be removed and various incision lines around the design. One side of the box says "surprises, actualites", roughly translating to 'surprises, news', possibly referencing a surprise game inside the box. Here, it includes a spinning top, a small paper flag, and what looks like a skittle pin. Another side says "le bonheur des enfants, satisfaction des parents", translating to 'children's pleasure, parent's satisfaction'. The back of the box depicts the extra game pieces available to be cut out, including the Chaplin bowler hat, moustache, and bow tie. The instructions state to cut out the pieces and insert them into their corresponding incision lines. The entire box is written in French.

Item number 93095
Category Game
Type Film
Language French
Country of origin France

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection