This is a newspaper cutting about contemporary blockbusters from The Guardian 7th April 2017 issue, written by Gwilym Mumford. To summarise the article briefly, it is about the dominant position of big budget films especially sequels, spinoffs, and the threats coming from online viewing platforms such as Netflix, and the fast changing taste of targeted audience on the box office revenue. Due to the influences of online viewing platforms, the period between the film release date in cinemas and that online has gradually shortened from months to weeks, this changes the way of film watching tremendously, encouraging audience to watch films online instead of buying DVD or going to cinemas. In 2017, 'The blockbuster almost exclusively resides in the action fantasy, kid's film or superhero genres.'. There are films that are produced and released solely on online platforms (i.e Netflix). Marvel's superhero films such as Avengers appears to be at its heyday. However, targeting youngsters in aspects especially narrative might be risky because of their unpredictable change of taste.

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