A promotional pamphlet for Incredible Journeys: Adventures in World Cinema for Children, Young People and Families, a touring exhibition hosted by the BFI that ran from May to November 2002. The interior details the range of children's films screened at over 40 cinemas across the UK, ranging in genre, style and language. Accompanied by stills of each, the films shown are: Halo (India, 2002), Ikingut (Iceland, 2001), Princes and Princesses (France, 2000), Yellow Card (Zimbabwe, 2000), In a Corner of the World (Norway, 2000), The 500 Fingers of Dr T (USA, 1953) and a programme of shorts entitled Run, Rabbit, Run. Front includes a still from Ikingut, the rear cinema locations and stills from Princes and Princesses and Yellow Card.

Item number 93474
Category Pamphlet
Type Exhibition
Language English
Country of origin UK

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection