Invitation card to Pierre Bismuth & Michel Gondry: 'The All-Seeing Eye' (The Hardcore Techno Version)', an exhibition at the BFI Southbank Gallery, 11 September - 23 November 2008. In addition to the exhibition were a programme of talks and screenings: 'Eraserheads' - a discussion on cinema representing the workings of memory, with Pierre Bismuth, Roger Luckhurst, Mark Bould, Susannah Redstone and Jonathan Romney; Pierre Bismuth in conversation with Elisabetta Fabrizi of the BFI and 'Today is the Tomorrow of Yesterday', a selection of films chosen by Bismuth and Fabrizi on the theme of erasure. The front of the card features a television and some consumer products on a table overprinted with the names of Bismuth and Gondry, all partly faint as if to represent the vagaries and unreliability of memory.

Item number 93791
Category Invitation Card
Type Exhibition
Language English
Country of origin UK

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection