Stereoscope card depicting the Canadian Congregation Arch erected in 1902. The sepia photographs show the arch which was built on the ceremonial route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII. On the side of the arch facing the camera is written "Canada. Free Homes for millions. God Bless the Royal Family" which suggests one role of the arch was to advertise immigration to Canada. Underneath the photographs is a description that states "Canadian Coronation Arch, Whitehall- a loving tribute from the Empire's "Granary" to its King- London, England". Printed on the left of the card is the name of the publisher Underwood & Underwood, and to the right is the trademark of Sun Sculpture.

Item number 97012
Category Stereo Card
Type Stereography
Dimensions 7" x 3.5"
Language English
Country of origin UK / USA

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection