Danish press-book for Part One of the 1921 German silent film 'Der Mann ohne Namen - 1. Der Millionendieb', translated to 'Mandun uden Navn' in Danish, and 'The man without a name' in . Part One is subtitled: 'Thief of Millions'. The film is based on the book 'Peter Voss' by E. G. Seeliger, and directed by Georg Jakoby. The front cover features a still of Harry Liedtke, the film's main actor. Inside, the press-book lists the main characters (Hovedpersonerne) and provides a synopsis of Part One of the film. Four further stills from the film are included. The collection also owns the Danish Press-books for parts 2, 4, 5, and 6 of the film, but is missing part 3 'Yellow Beasts'.

Item number 98062
Category Pressbook
Type Film Publicity
Dimensions A5
Language Danish
Country of origin Denmark
Related people Harry Liedtke (actor)
Georg Jacoby (director )

Part of the Townly Cooke Collection