Danish press-book for Part Five of the 1921 German silent film ''Der Mann ohne Namen - 5. Der Mann mit den eisernen Nerven', translated to 'Mandun uden Navn' in Danish, and 'The man without a name' in English. Part Five is subtitled 'The Man with the Iron Nerves'. The film is based on the book 'Peter Voss' by E. G. Seeliger, and is directed by Georg Jakoby. The front cover features a still of the film's main actor Harry Liedtke. Inside, the press-book includes a list of the main characters (Hovedpersonerne) and provides a brief summary of the previous parts of the film, followed by a longer synopsis of Part Five's plot. Three further stills from the film are included. The collection also owns the Danish Press-books for parts 1, 2, 4, and 6 of the film, but is missing part 3 'Yellow Beasts'.

Item number 98065
Category Pressbook
Type Film Publicity
Dimensions A5
Language Danish
Country of origin Denmark
Related people Harry Liedtke (actor)
Georg Jacoby (director)

Part of the Townly Cooke Collection