Flyer from the Kingston Museum detailing the biography of Eadweard Muybridge, 'Kingston's Famous Photographer and Inventor'. The flyer contains images of Muybridge and his work, and promotes the Museum's Muybridge Collection. The biography traces his whole life, including his career in England and America, and his achievements as a photographer and inventor. Details also include his pioneering photos of objects in motion, the transcontinental railroad, urban and rural scenes in Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala, and his famous achievement of creating a panoramic view of San Francisco in 1878. Another achievement listed is his invention of the Zoopraxiscope, a moving picture projector, which he showcased in many talks around America. The back page contains information about the Kingston Museum, including social media, address and contact details.

Item number 98603
Category Publicity Material
Type Museum Publicity
Language English
Country of origin UK
Related people Eadweard Muybridge

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection