This book elaborates on previous volumes about film noir which were published by the same authors. Here, the focus is on film noir as tone and motif rather than as a genre. As such, this book illustrates how the visual aesthetics of film noir helped solve plots. In this regard, the role of the cinematographers in filmmaking is addressed and exemplified with full page images from movies, that are, in turn, analogized with works of art from the European avant-garde or from the American first half of the twentieth century (i.e., Edward Hopper). Some of the productions featured in this item are: "Sunset Boulevard", "The Maltese Falcon" and "Duel in the Sun". We also hold an earlier edition of the same book in French (EXEBD 78586).

Item number 98848
Category Book
Type Criiticism/History
Language English
Country of origin UK / USA
Related people Alain Silver (Co-author)
James Ursini (Co-author)