A history of cinema form its origins in Emile Reynaud's praxinoscope and Theatre Optique, compiled from writings by its earliest practioners. Includes Etienne-Gaspard Robertson (Phantasmagoria, Fantasmagorie, fantascope, magic lantern), Georges Melies, Dziga Vertov Cecil B. De Mille, Carl Laemmle, Musidora, Adolf Zukor, Severin Mars, Louis Delluc, Henri Lavedan, Louis Feuillade, Renee Carl, Victor Jasset, Abel Gance, Jean Epstein, Germaine Delluc, Marcel L'Herbier, Rene Clair, Luis Bunuel, Jean Cocteau, Charles de Rochefort, Jacques Feyder, Maurice Leloir, Youtkevitch, Leon Gaumont, Harry Warner, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, King Vidor, Marcel Carne, Sergei Eisenstein, Alberto Cavalcanti, Marcel Pagnol, Vicki Baum, Jean Giraudoux, Claude Garry, Lionel Barrymore, Louis Jouvet, Pola Negri, Frank Capra, Harold Lloyd, buster Keaton,

Item number 11462
Category Book
Type Criticism/History
Dimensions h 224mm; w 145mm; d 30mm
Language French
Country of origin France
Related people Marcel Lapierre (Editor)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection