Folder contains 23 thematic units:Eisenstein's dream of the dialectics of art; his sketches 1913-1917 (through revolution to art - through art to revolution); projects on theatre 1917-1920; Meyerhold 1921-1922; the first theatre of the proletariat 1921-1923; the tetralogy of revolution - strike 1924; the tetralogy of revolution II, battleship Potemkin 1925; Mexican drawings 1931-1932; Anti-faschism 1933-1939, Patriotism; The Fergana-Channel 1939; anti-faschist interpretation of Wagner's "Die Walkuere"; paraphrases of classic culture, 1932-1947; Style and national culture, sketches 1932-1947; how Eisenstein learnt drawing - a chapter on dancing lessons; 'Ivan the terrible'; space in 'Ivan the terrible' 1941-1946; 'Ivan the terrible' and Russian Renaissance of the 16th ct.; afterword on booklet 'Que viva Mexico'; the tetralogy of revolution III, 1927-1928; the tetralogy of revolution IV, 'The General Line', 1926-1929;

Item number 2301
Category Book
Type Criticism/History
Dimensions 340 x 240
Language German
Country of origin Germany
Related people Sergei Eisenstein (subject)
Juergen Harten (director)
Wladimir S. Semjonow (director)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection