Contents: Frontispiece: Dorothy Dix Picturegoer Pin-Pricks The Pick of the Plays, September's snappiest and best The 'Murray' widow, Mae Murray and her newest film Owen Dares, a chat with the hero of 'Cobra' Paris, Pageantry and Palestine, concerning Betty Blythe in 'Jacob's Well' The Sports' Girl, by Sigrid Holmquist Saturday Night, and how Hollywood spends it Unconsidered Trifles, how they make or Mar and film Let Them Be Human, a controversial article Juliette Compton, sometimes called Gloria Swanson II Picturegoer Art Gallery, William Haines, Priscilla Dean, Tully Marshall, May McAvoy, Madge Stuart, Sir John Martin Harvey The Miracle of the Wolves, a fine French film The Sea Hawk, the story of the Ass. Fir. Nat. film The Art of Mary Pickford, the most appealing art of all Merton of the Movies, a story for all 'would be' stars The Apache, a page of Parisian Life The Somberness of Seastorm, by W. B. Turner Kinema Carols Pulling Pictures to Pieces Shadowland Time and Thomas Meighan Amongst the Buskers, No. 1 a new series My Trip Abroad, now nearing its end Picturegoer's guide Let George Do It! What Do You Think?

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