Contents: What the Fans Think: an open forum of discussion by our readers, The New Zara: a portrait of Gloria Swanson in her latest role, Between Stars and You: a few misconception about motion-picture stars explained, Saprist - How Foreign: Jetta Goudal presents an unusual and fascinating study, Cynic in the Soup: the view of an unhappy director in Hollywood, Seeing Movies in London: views of English cinema theatres, The Observer: editorial comment on timely topics concerning the screen, Motion Pictures of the Mighty: secret moves of the new reel camera men, Absolutely, Mr., Gallagher: the story of two sensationally successful comedians, Milady - from Jamaica: a fair ambassador from the world of society discussion movie manners, Favorite Picture Players: portrait in rotogravure of popular motion-picture, The Best Answer to Criticism: Lois Wilson chose an unusual course and succeeded in following it, Following in Father's Footsteps: a chat with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and his mother about his career, Over the Teacups: news and views of the motion-picture world as Fanny the Fan sees it, The Real Speed Demons: interesting disclosures about the making of motion pictures A Letter from Location: what happened when the Cecil De Mille company worked out on the desert, Anna with the Lid Off: Anna Q. Nilsson casts beauty and reserve to the winds and reveals a thoroughly fascinating personality, The Last Role of Sarah Bernhardt: a word picture of the great tragedienne at work on her last motion picture, A Comedian Not a Hero: after a bad start, Alfred Lunt seems to have found his film métier, The Screen in Review: frank critical comment on the new production, Morning Noon and Night on Fashion's Clock: Claire Windsor and Ruth Clifford illustrate come new fashions, Stedman & Son, Inc: an informational glimpse of one of the most interesting partnerships in the movies, Hollywood High Lights: what favorite in the film colony are doing and planning, When the Whistle Blows: the varied modes of movie luncheons, A Candle Flame: a friendly analytical study of little Mary Philbin, A Confidential Guide to Current Releases: thumb-nail reviews of important pictures, The Picture Oracle: answers to questions of our readers

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