Contents: Round the British Studios: studio medico, Deborah Takes Hollywood in Her Stride: Deborah Kerr, Charlie Chaplin Turns 'Killer', One Minute Interview with Spencer Tracy, Slow Poison, Quick Poison and No Poison At All, Deanna's Dilemma: Deanna Durbin, My Adventures in Italy by Douglas Montgomery, Film Reviews: Black Narcissus / It's Wonderful Life / Don't Gamble with Stranger / Gentlemen Joe Palooka / The Missing Lady / The Time, The Place and The Girl / Undercover Girl / School for Danger / Looking for Someone / The Mummy's Ghost / Shadows Over Chinatown / Young Widow / Monsieur La Souris / Pontcarral Colonel D'empire

Item number 26129
Category Periodical
Type Films
Dimensions height 301mm, width 228mm
Language English
Country of origin UK

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection