Contents: Frontispiece: Mae Busch Uncensored Epistles, open letters to the stars Mary in Spite of Herself, Mary, Mary - not contrary A Famine in Filmland, authors, forward! Just Will Rogers, and out tame interviewer Seventeen Ninety-Three, reel revolution Ready-made Reputations, and how the stars live up to them The Books They Read, literature in Los Angeles Walter's Worth Watching, all eyes on Walter Forde Knowing Norma, the career of Norma Shearer Bidding For Betty, concerning an auction sale Picturegoer Art Gallery: Buck Jones, Marguerite de la Motte, Vera Reynolds, Monte Blue, Greta Nissen Beach Bells, a page of bathing beauties Autumn Glories, on growing old gracefully Haunted by Hollywood, you can't get away from it In Summer Samoa, a visit to the South Sea Islands Peeps Behind The Scenes, what the stars are doing Heroes, Heroines and Heroism, silent sufferers of the screen Globe Trotting with Cupid, emulating Eros Somebody's Darling, the story of the Gaumont film Merton of the Movies, an enthralling serial Shadowland Pick of the Pictures Picturegoers' Guide: Bucking the Truth, Classified, Compromised, The Danger Girl, The Dark Angel, Down Upon the Swanee River, Evolution, The fighting Buckaroo, The First Year, Flash o' Lighting, The Flood, He Who Laughs Last, Lend Me Your Husband, Lilies of City, Lover's Lane, Lure of the Wild, The Mad Marriage, The Man in the Saddle, Mannequin, My Old Dutch, The Midnight Sun Kinema Carols The Screen in Germany The Broadway Boulevardier, gossip from the New York studio Let George do It What do You Think?

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Category Periodical
Type Films
Dimensions height 301mm, width 225mm
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Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection