Book about the history of European Cinema by Ettore Pasculli, 1992covering technical developments, cinema production, cinema industry, films and film directors in several European countries including Italian, French, German, British, Russian, Danish, Swedish cinema, Eastern European cinema (Polish, Czech, Hungarian), Spanish and Portuguese cinema Section one about pre-cinema, covering pre-cinema technical developments including phantasmagoria, magic lanterns, praxinoscope, thaumatrope, diorama and early cinematographs. Section two about silent films covering the Lumiere brothers, George Melies, the development of French and Italian cinema, Andre Deed and Max Linder, Rene Clair and the interwar years, early film studios, epic films, the Italian cinematographic union UCI (Unione Cinematografica Italiana), Italian futurism, British cinema and the Brighton School, Hitchcock, German cinema before Caligari, Expressionism, Fritz Lang, Russian Cinema from Lubok to Ejzenstejn, Scandinavian cinema and Alfred Lind; Sjostrom and Dreyer's Swedish cinema; Eastern European cinema; Spanish cinema: Segundo de Chomon; Portuguese cinema and Caldevilla Film. Section three about sound film, covering the development of sound film in the 1950s, in France, Belgium, Germany, Britain (Alfred Hitchcock), Italy, Russia, Scandinavian cinema, Eastern Europe, Spain and Portugal. Section four about the post war time covering new cameras and technology, filming techniques and montage, cinema productions and film directors in the various European countries. Italian cinema discussing neorealism, Rossellini's 'Rome Open City', Aldo Fabrizi and Anna Magnani, Vittorio de Sica 'Shoeshine' and 'Miracle in Milan', the golden age with Antonioni and Fellini, the spaghetti western and Dario Argento's horror films; French cinema covering the French New Wave, experimental cinema and 1970s-1980s new generation; Belgian cinema covering post war experimentation; German cinema; British Cinema covering Laurence Olivier, decline of cinema halls in Britain, David Lean, Joseph Losey, Michael Powell, Hammer Films, Eon Films and James Bond, Kubrick, the expertise in special effects, the 1980s with Peter Greenaway and Stephen Frears; Russian Cinema, Scandinavian cinema and Easten European cinema. Section five about innovation in cinema from 3D technology to HD-MAC and project Eureka 95 and virtual reality. Section six about film auteurs: Jean-Jacques Annaud, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Bernardo Bertolucci, Luc Besson, Terry Gilliam, Sergio Leone, Wolfgang Petersen, Giuseppe Rotunno, Vittorio Storaro, Andrej Tarkovskij, Wim Wenders. Finally including a section of short biographies of the most innovative technicians of the film industry and chronology of European cinema.

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Related people Ettore Pasculli (Author)
Roberto Rossellini (Film Director)
Vittorio De Sica (Film Director)
Luchino Visconti (Film Director)
Michelangelo Antonioni (Film Director)
Federico Fellini (Film Director)
Pier Paolo Pasolini (Film Director)
Sergio Leone (Film Director)
Dario Argento (Film Director)
Jean-Luc Godard (Film Director)
François Truffaut (Film Director)
Alain Resnais (Film Director)
Wim Wenders (Film director)
Stanley Kubrick (Film director)
Ridley Scott (Film Director)
Stephen Frears (Film Director)
Jean-Jacques Annaud (Film Director)
Luc Besson (Film Director)

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