Looking at alternative film industries to Hollywood, this anthology , edited by Gilbert Adair, covers everything from avant-garde cinema to Nazi propaganda. Contributions are: PIONEERING Vladimir Nabokov: From Speak, Memory; Antoine Lumiere: Letter to Jules Carpentier; Louis and Auguste Lumiere: L'Arrivee d'un train en gare de La Ciotat; Maxim Gorky: The Kingdom of Shadows; Leo Tolstoy: A Conversation on Film; James Agee: Comedy's Greatest Era. MOVIEGOING Rene Clair: From Le Silence est d'or; Petr Kral: Time Flies; James Agee: From A Death in the Family; Joe Brainard: I Remember; Jonas Mekas: Warhol's Sleep. MOVIEMAKING Karl Brown: From Adventures with D. W. Griffith; Louise Brooks: Pabst and Lulu; W. S. Van Dyke: Tarzan, The Ape Man Story Conference Notes; Colette: Backstage at the Studio; Akira Korosawa: From Something Like an Autobiography; Satyajit Ray: From My Years with Apu; John Gregory Dunne: From The Studio; Peter Berling: The Making of Whity; Sarah Maldoror: To Make a Film means to Take a Position; Terry Southern: From Blue Movie. SPECIALIZING Manny Farber: Underground Films; Manny Farber: Short and Happy; Andrew Sarris: Beautitudes of B Pictures; J. Hoberman: Bad Movies; Umberto Eco: How to Play Indians; Umberto Eco: How to Recognise a Porn Movie; Wim Wenders: Re: Bad Day at Black Rock; Arch Oboler: Three-Dementia; Susan Sontag: The Imagination of Disaster; Jonathan Romney: Million-Dollar Graffiti: Notes from the Digital Domain; THEORIZING Abel Gance: The Era of the Image has Arrived; Jean Vigo: Speech at the premiere of A Propos de Nice; Jorge Luis Borges: An Overwhelming Film; Jorge Luis Borges: On Dubbing; Colette: Black and White; Claude Ollier: A King in New York: King Kong; Rene Clair: An Inquiry; Cesare Zavattini: Some Ideas on the Cinema; Robert Bresson: From Notes on Cinematography; Roland Barthes: The Romans in Films; Roland Barthes: The Face of Garbo; Chris Marker: A Free Replay (Notes on Vertigo); Wim Wenders: Despising What You Sell; Jean Baudrillard: Apocalypse Now; Jean Baudrillard: The China Syndrome; Peter Greenaway: Just Place, Preferably Architectural Place. REFLECTING Bela Balazs: Filming Death; Erwin Leiser: The Wandering Jew; Med Hondo: What is Cinema for Us? WORSHIPPING Andre Bazin: Entomology of the Pin-up Girl; Norman Mailer: Marilyn; Greil Marcus: John Wayne Listening. CREATING Andre Bazin: Charlie Chaplin; Otar Iosseliani: About Boris Barnet; Jean Renoir: Marcel Pagnol; Sergei Eisenstein: From 'Eisenstein on Disney'; Henry Miller: The Golden Age; Francois Truffaut: The Rogues are Weary; Alfred Hitchcock: From The Wrong Man; Francois Truffaut: 'La Tour de Nesle'; Federico Fellini: From Cinecitta; Abbas Kiarostami: From And Life Continues. DREAMING Delmore Schwartz: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities; Rudyard Kipling: Naaman's Song; The Marx Brothers: From A Night at the Opera; Ogden Nash: Shaggy Doggerel; Raymond Chandler: Oscar Night in Hollywood; John Updike: More Shaggy Doggerel; Orson Welles: Character; Reyner Banham: From Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies; David Thomson: From Suspects; Dusan Makavejev: Life as a Remake of Movies; Francois Truffaut: Letter to Jean-Luc Godard; Jean-Luc Godard: Les 400 Coups; Milan Kundera: Slowness; Richard Wilbur: Last Shaggy Doggerel. CRITICIZING G. Cabrera Infante: From A Twentieth Century Job; William Plomer: 'Not Where We Came In'.

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Type Criticism/History
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Language English
Country of origin UK
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Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection