Substantial guide with text in English and Italian to the DeMille family of filmmakers, edited by Paolo Cherchi Usai and Lorenzo Codelli for the tenth Pordenone Silent Film Festival in 1991. Contents: "The DeMille Legacy: An Introduction" by Paolo Cherchi Usai and Lorenzo Codelli, "'The DeMille Legacy': A Portfolio from the Exhibition (Pordenone, October 12 - November 30, 1991), "William C. deMille" compiled and edited by David Shepard, "The Squaw Man" by John Kobal, "Melodrama as a Middle Class Sermon: 'What's-His-Name'" by Sumiko Higashi, "Lasky Lighting" by Lea Jacobs, "DeMille, Divorce, and the Comedy of Remarriage" by Charles Musser, "Cecil B. DeMille vs. the Critics" by Robert S. Birchard, "Cecil and William DeMille in Los Angeles, 1913-1959" by Marc Wanamaker, "Success with a Dollar Sign: Costs and Grosses for the Early Films of Cecil B. DeMille" by David Pierce, "Motion Picture Direction" by Cecil B. DeMille, "'With a Mighty Grip of the Hand': Selected Letters of Jesse L. Lasky and Cecil B. Demille, 1916-1917" edited with an introduction and notes by James V. D'Arc, "The Films of Cecil B. Demille: A Checklist" compiled by Robert S. Birchard. The signed dust jacket shows director Cecil B. DeMille, William C. deMille with members of cast and crew at the Grand Canyon during the filming of "Road to Yesterday" in June 1925.

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