Translated from the French, and 'illustrated with seventy engravings on wood, and a coloured frontispiece.' Part 1 has sections on the eye; the structure of the eye; the errors of the eye; optical illusions; the appreciation of colour; illusions caused by light itself; the influence of the imagination. Part 2 covers the laws of light, including colour, luminosity, calorific, chemical and magnetic properties of the spectrum - new chapter for the English ed. - , reflection and mirrors; lenses; microscopes and telescopes. Part 3 deals with the magic lantern; phantasmagoria; other optical illusions; the properties of mirrors; chinese shadows; polyorama, dissolving views and diorama; the stereoscope; the camera obscura and camera lucida; the spectroscope and spectres. Many illustrations, including full-page representations of various kinds of show.

Item number 42694
Category Book
Type Non-Cinema
Dimensions length 174mm; breadth 120mm; thickness 23mm
Language English
Country of origin UK
Related people F. Marion (author)
Charles W. Quin (translator)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection