Detailed film history, with an emphasis on German film. Incorporates a lot of technical information focusing on nineteenth century cinematic entertainments and early cinema. Topics include: magic lanterns, German film art and economic relations. Ludwig Doebler - Reynaud - Niepce - Daguerre - Hyatt - George Eastman - Hannibal Goodwin - mutosope - magic box - cinetoscope - Osckar Messter - first Berlin film places - Graf and Davidson - Berlin as film metropolis - film as demagogue - film as new art - UFA - Scandinavion film invasion - Viktor Sjoestroem - Mauritz Stiller - Greta Garbo - competition between powerful film countries - film and censorship - Expressionism - Avant-Garde - Bagier - Massolle - Ruttmann - sound film, a German invention - Murnau - Arnold Fanck. Lots of photographs.

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