A silver metal silhouette image showing a lion with wings with black text in the centre in upper case Italian reading; AZIENDA AUTONOMA DI SOGGIORNOE TURISMO- VENEZIA. A second medal shows in the centre a detailed depiction of a 'mythical' silver lion with wings iconography, holding a silver book with Latin text engraved. The image rests upon a copper plate and blue base. From the top right there is the place and year of the award; (Venezia 1972) written in lower case. The rest of the text, except the name of the film and director is in Latin presented underneath the iconography.. X X X I I I MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE D'ARTE CINEMATOGRAFICA PREMIO DI SEIEZIONE VENEZIA CRITICI My Childhood Di Bill Douglas.

Item number 57605
Category Award
Type Film Production
Language Italian
Country of origin Italy

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection