Horseman, trumpeter, with moving arm. German or Austrian manufacturer, unknown. Hand tinted on glass. Slide with an arrangement of glass disc and lever, enables horseman's arm (holding trumpet) to move up and down. One horseman pictured alongside a lake in the foreground, with forest in the mid-ground, and a village in the background. Moving arm of the trumpeter in centre of the image. Hand tinted, with blue, green and red, yellow and brown hues. Finely painted detail. The movable glass disc is mounted in a metal collar with a lever attached, extending beyond the frame. The lever is confined in a channel cut in the surface of the frame. Moveable glass is held in position by three brass pins. Routinely used by travel lanternists in 18th and 19th century. Single lever slide, which moves in a circular direction, the trumpeter's arm holding a trumpet, painted on the moveable glass, moves up and down. The single lever slide gives movement to the trumpeter by the use of two glasses, one of which is fixed in a wooden frame and the other (with arm and trumpet) free to move in a circular motion.

Item number 64054
Category Lantern Slide
Type Magic Lantern
Language German
Country of origin Germany