Publicity pamphlet for the National Film and Television school 'Passport to Cinema' programme taking place January - March 2016 at the BFI Southbank. There is a section that is titled 'Welcome to Passport to Cinema' which highlights that this is the last Picture show or 'last passport to cinema season' at the BFI from the NFTS. The NFTS created the Passport to Cinema in 2000 as a repertory programme for students at the school and a wider public, originally beginning at the Cine Lumiere in South Kensington and moving to the BFI in 2008,. This section is written by Dominic Power from the National Film and TV School and hints that potentially Passport to Cinema may return in the future at a different venue. Power claims that audiences are still strong for the strand while acknowledging that streaming and other forms of viewing may mean that it has been superseded. The front of the pamphlet includes a still from 'Singin' in the Rain'. Other films also included as part of the programme are: 'Day for Night' (dir. Francois Truffaut, 1973), 'Hearts of the West' (aka Hollywood Cowboy) (Howard Zeiff, 1975), 'Show People' (King Vidor, 1927) with an introduction from Kevin Brownlow (tbc), '8 1/2' (Federico Fellini, 1963) with an introduction from Ian Christie, 'Ed Wood' (Tim Burton, 1994) with an introduction by Philip Kemp, 'Boogie Nights' (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1997), 'Inside Dairy Clover' (Robert Mulligan, 1965) with an introduction by Richard Combs, 'Two Weeks in Another Town' (Vincente Minnelli, 1962), 'Peeping Tom' (Michael Powell, 1960) with an introduction from Ian Christie and 'The Player' (Robert Altman, 1992) with an introduction from Richard Combs. Each film listed includes a still from the film and a brief description, There is a brief description behind the programming titled 'Stardust Memories - Filmmakers on Filmmaking' written by Richard Combs included. On the pamphlet there is a brief bit of text titled 'About the NFTS' which highlights some of the distinguished alumni.

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