Picturegoer magazine, dated January 26th 1952. Front cover features a colour photograph of Robert Taylor in 'Quo Vadis' (LeRoy, 1951); back cover features an advertisement for 'A Place in the Sun' (Stevens, 1951). Film related articles: an advertisement for Humphrey Bogart in 'Murder Inc.' (aka 'The Enforcer' (Windust, 1951); 'Focus on films' fan letters' including the extensive censorship of the Italian film 'Fabiola' (Blasetti, 1949), concern about whether another Al Jolson film would ever be made, Vic Damone in 'Rich, Young and Pretty' (Taurog, 1951), 'Peking Express' (Dieterle, 1951) as one of the worst films of the century, Bette Davis' 'Another Man's Poison' (Rapper, 1951); 'Still dismal, Jane?', on Jane Wyman's new role as a blind girl opposite Kirk Douglas in 'The Shadow'; the arrival of 'Quo Vadis' (LeRoy, 1951) and 'A Streetcar Named Desire' (Kazan, 1951) in London cinemas; a new wave American films such as 'Murder Inc.' and 'Detective Story' (Wyler, 1951) are frightening women away from cinemas; a review questioning whether Bogart's 'Murder Inc.' is suitable entertainment; 'The most expensive film ever made', on the Roman epic 'Quo Vadis', starring Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, and Peter Ustinov; 'The film we've all waited for': 'A Place in the Sun' (Stevens, 1951), including photographs of Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, and Shelley Winters in stills from the film; Oscar contenders, including Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh, Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward, Kirk Douglas, Jane Wyman, Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters, and Robert Taylor; 'The House in the Square' (Baker, 1951), starring Tyrone Power and Ann Blyth; 'Talking of films', a series of film reviews including 'Two Tickets to Broadway' (Vern, 1951), 'The Woman on Pier 13' (Stevenson, 1949), and 'La Citta si difende' (aka 'Four Ways Out' Germi, 1951); 'Six men in the news', including Anthony Steel, Laurence Harvey, and Freddie Mills.

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