Picturegoer magazine dated 19th November 1955. Front cover features a photograph of Ava Gardner. Film related articles: an advertisement for shampoo starring Yvonne de Carlo; an advertisement for soap featuring Pier Angeli; candid photographs of Lena Horne, Aldo Ray, and John Agar; Focus fan letters, including mentions of Doris Day, Moira Lister, Eric Portman, and Orson Welles; an advertisement for 'The Second Greatest Sex' (Marshall, 1955) starring Jeanne Crain and George Nader; an article on Ava Gardner's absence from Hollywood; Anthony Dexter still in the 'shadow' of Rudolph Valentino; an article on Yvonne de Carlo written by her cousin; a photograph of Richard Egan in 'Seven Cities of Gold' (Webb, 1955); an article by Joan Collins about Hollywood's warnings; a series of film reviews including 'To Hell and Back' (Hibbs, 1955) starring Audie Murphy, 'Joe Macbeth' (Hughes, 1955) starring Ruth Roman and Paul Douglas, and 'Tiger in the Sky' (aka 'The McConnell Story' Douglas, 1955) starring Alan Ladd and June Allyson.

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Language English