Box containing Super 8 film reel entitled: Mickey's Memorable Moments. The box is in very good condition, and the pictures on the front are of Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in medieval clothes. There are also three smaller images on the box, Mickey and Minnie dressed as tramps, Mickey washing himself with he help of a seal and Mickey fishing on the end of a jetty. The back of the box has a small blurb for the film and eight images in different poses. The reel inside has no label, just a plain black, plastic holder. The front of the box has a list of the highlights included: >Magician Mickey >Brave Little Tailor >Mickey's Delayed Date >Mickey and the Seal >Simple Things

Item number 73601
Category V8 Film strip
Type Cartoons
Dimensions The reel is 339ft long
Language English
Country of origin America

Part of the Robin Allan Collection