Photographic life model set 'The River Singers' with accompanying copy of the service of song. Set of 30 coloured standard slides (3¼ inches or 83mm square), all with white mount, typed print identifying the number of the slide and the title of each slide on the top right and the title 'The River Singers' hand written on the bottom left of the slide. The slides follow the story of a young girl named Fanny Gray and follow her troubled life and her one great desire to 'get some rest'. Date unknown but in/before 1913. Slide manufacturer: G. Mason - Giles Mason of Southampton, a small family business between 1880s and 1920s. The image mount and labelling on the slides a distinctive feature of G.Mason slides. Slide distributor: in stock of W. Nicholson and Sons (dates unknown). Reading/Song arranged by John Burnham. The copy of the service features a prefatory note by the author and a full list of the lantern slides for the service on the first page.

Item number 8006
Category Magic Lantern Slides
Type Magic Lantern
Dimensions 3¼ inches or 83mm square
Language English