An extract from a guide to 'Looking at Pictures', focusing on two paintings by local artist Victor Muller: 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves', and 'Snow White and The Evil Stepmother', showing how the artist has interpreted the story from Grimms' fairy tales. The author draws attention to details of clothing, colour, hair, etc in the paintings, showing how these reveal Inner qualities of the two characters. There is a comparison with an earlier illustration by Ludvig Richter, which shows the wicked stepmother at the window of the dwarves' house. Muller's painting moves the scene into a woodland or garden setting. The two dogs pull forward, suggesting curiosity about the woman, who does not resemble the Queen of the fairy tale – Muller is more concerned with her evil.

Item number 83567
Category Photocopy
Type Animation
Language German
Country of origin Germany

Part of the Robin Allan Collection