This is a CD Rom that has collected the trailers of 9 nominated films of the Academy Award in 2000. The cover features a title 'Odeon Preview Take 1', titles of the nominees, and an age 12 rating label. The selected films are 'American Beauty' (Mendes 1999), 'Magnolia' (Anderson), 'Tumbleweeds' (O'Connor), 'Austin Powers 2' (Roach), 'The Hurricane' (Jewison), 'The Insider' (Mann), 'Anna and the King' (Tennant), 'The Green Mile' (Darabont), 'Angela's Ashes' (Parker), 'Snow Falling on Cedars' (Hicks). The nominations these films gained were listed below their title.

Item number 93223
Category CD-ROM
Type Film Competition
Language English
Country of origin UK