Collection of essays, edited by Scott Curtis, Philippe Gauthier, Tom Gunning and Joshua Yumibe, which focus on the links between early cinematic form, technology, theory, practice and other forms of visual culture. The contributors argue that early cinema was the product of different traditions in art, science and image-making and continued to interact with them as it evolved. The essays examine the complex image-making patterns and innovation which developed. Contents: Part I: Form 1 'La part picturale du tableau-style' / Valentine Robert; [English translation in Appendix] 2 'The unsettling of vision: tableaux vivants, early cinema and optical illusions' / Daniel Wiegand; 3 'The vision scene: revelation and remediation' / Frank Gray; 4 'Animating antiquity' / Laura Horak; 5 'Caricature et films comiques à la Belle Époque: quand le dessin de presse rencontre le cinéma' / Jérémy Houillère; [English translation in Appendix] 6 'De la presse illustrée à l'actualité filmée (1894-1910): l'émergence d'une nouvelle "culture visuelle de l'information"? / Rodolphe Gahéry; [English translation in Appendix] 7 'From Pathé to Paramount: visual design in movie advertising to 1915' / Richard Abel; 8 'Landscape topoi: from the mountains to the sea' / Jennifer Peterson; 9 'A view aesthetic without a view? Space and place in early Norwegian polar expedition films' / Gunnar Iverson. Part II: Material 10 'Between recognition and abstraction: early vocational training films' / Florian Hoof; 11 'Ruptured perspectives: the "view", early special effects and film history' / Leslie DeLassus; 12 'Surface and color: stenciling in applied arts, fashion illustration and cinema' / Jelena Rakin; 13 'The color image' / Joshua Yumibe. Part III: Networks 14 'Shared affinities and "Kunstwollen": stylistics of the cinematic image in the 1910s and art theory at the turn of the century in Germany' / Jörg Schweinitz; 15 'Techniques in circulation: sovereignty, imaging technology and art education in Qajar Iran' / Kaveh Askari; 16 'Corporeality and female modernity: intermediality and early film celebrities' / Marina Dahlquist; 17 'A scientific instrument? Animated photography among other new imaging techniques' / Ian Christie; 18 'Advertising with moving pictures: International Harvester's "The Romance of the Reaper" (1910-1913) / Gregory A. Waller; 19 'The city view(ed): Muybridge's panoramas of San Francisco and their afterlives in early cinema' / Dimitrios Latsis; 20 'California landscapes: John Divola and the cine-geography of serial photography' / Charles Wolfe; 21 'What is a fake image?' / Frank Kessler and Sabine Lenk; 22 'The lantern image between stage and screen' / Artemis Willis. Part IV: Discourses 23 'Pictorialism and the picture: art, photography and the "doctrine of taste" in the discourse on transitional-era quality films' / Tom Paulus; 24 'Boredom and visions in Vachel Lindsay's film theory' / Ryan Pierson; 25 'Falling desperately in love with the image on screen: "The Flictoflicker Girl" (1913) and cinematic structures of fascination' / Denis Condon; 26 ' An "Advertising Punch" in every frame: image-making in early advertising films' / Martin L. Johnson. Appendix: Translations English translations of chapters 1, 5 and 6.

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