Negatives of shadow figures taken in the British Museum and the Deutsches Ledermuseum collection in Offenbach. Images sent to Joan Tate in May 1976 and appear to be taken by Monika Weise. 1) 21 negatives in individual plastic wallets, wrapped in paper 2) 20 loose negatives and 25 images on film in folding display sheet 3) 12 negatives labelled CA Offenbach 4) 12 negatives labelled CB Offenbach 5) 10 negatives labelled CC Offenbach 6) 13 negatives labelled CD Offenbach 7) 4 negatives labelled Sabah, Kelantan 8) Negative labelled Offenbach dalang etc. enlarged 9) Negative labelled Offenbach Chinese enlarged 10) Negative labelled Offenbach Bali enlarged

Item number 97780
Category Negatives
Type Shadow Show
Country of origin England / Germany

Part of the Joan Tate Collection