Press-book for the 1925 British Silent film 'The Rat', starring Ivor Novello, Mae Marsh, and Isabel Jeans, directed by Graham Cutts and based on the 1924 stage-play of the same name by Novello and Constance Collier (under their shared name David L'Estrange). The press-book was distributed by Woolf & Freedman Film Service Limited. The front cover features information on those involved in the film as well as a still of Novello from the film. The press-book is also adorned with green and red illustrations, and the colours are also used to frame each page. Inside, the press-book includes: a 'Who's who in 'The Rat' alongside a still of Isabel Jean; 'A Rat's Beginnings', foreword by Novello. A synopsis of 'The Rat's' plot, under the tagline 'A Tale of Laughter and Tears'; a dedication to Charles M. Woolf, written by Michael Balcon; a list of 'The Rat's' catchlines; and a list of 'What you will see in 'The Rat''. There are numerous stills from the film, such as Novello dancing, the murder scene of Stetz (Robert Scholz), and Novello seemingly strangling Isabel Jeans.

Item number 98067
Category Pressbook
Type Film Publicity
Dimensions A4
Language English
Country of origin UK
Related people Ivor Novello (actor)
Mae Marsh (actress)
Isabel Jeans (actress)

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