A publicity programme for the National Film Theatre for July 2002, featuring an image from 'Pather Panchali' on the front cover. The programme contains information about the NFT's film screenings and seasons for the month, which included a retrospective of films directed by Satyajit Ray, including 'Aparajito', 'The Music Room' and 'The World of Apu', extended runs of 'Days and Nights in the Forest' and 'Malpertuis', a season of films directed by Harry Kümel, including 'Daughters of Darkness' and 'The Lost Paradise', and a selection of films starring Richard Widmark, featuring 'Kiss of Death', 'Pickup on South Street' and 'Night and the City', alongside an interview with the actor himself. Further highlights included a season of films directed by Claude Chabrol, a programme of Columbian cinema, 'Sunday Silents' screenings of films directed by Alexander Dovzhenko, educational and junior events, and other films from the archive. The programme features screening times, synopses and photos for each of the individual titles as well as general venue and booking information.

Item number 98317
Category Periodical
Type Cinema Publicity
Language English
Country of origin UK
Related people Claude Chabrol (Subject)
Satyajit Ray (Subject)
Richard Widmark (Subject)

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