We are delighted to announce that the new student curated exhibitions for the British Screens module are now on display to the public in here the Old Library, just outside our galleries.

This years exhibitions are:

'Made in Britain' curated by Ali Bolitho, Clodagh Leonard, Jonathan Stubbs, Milo Wilson and Arielle Woods.

'Britain in Wonderland: Deconstructing the Fantasy' curated by Lily Abodaher, Katie Fane de Salis, Hope Fulton, Imi Gammidge and Jacquelina Gerbenstein.

'Children and Cinema in Britain' curated by Jess Averbeck, Amy Lotherington, Emily Prestidge, Ben Thornley and Jenny Willcock.

The module looks at the history of the moving image in Britain through the museum's collections and 25% of the final mark comes from this curation project. The students choose a theme within the parameters of the course, select items from the collection and design the displays.

Here are the students will their displays. They will be up for a few months and we hope you enjoy them

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